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Botanologica is a small, extraordinarily well-curated shop in Falls Church that specializes in plants and gardening but also offers a variety of beautiful clothing, jewelry and items for the home. The shop appeals to both men and women of all ages because it manages to strike the perfect balance of beauty and brains. It also smells AMAZING.

I worked with Julie and Holly to develop the logo concept that features sea oats (chasmanthium latifolium), a native Northern Virginia grass that develops stacked chevron-shaped seed pods in late summer. The pods last through the fall and turn gold and reddish alongside the rest of the fall foliage. The pods themselves are strikingly graphic and beautiful and, with the long broad leaves and gently arching stems, made for a rich subject to work with for an illustrated logo
We developed signage, print materials, letterpress gift cards and more for the shop.

Project Photos: Good Goose Graphics

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