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I’m Jess, an architect-turned-mom who works during nights and naptimes. Good Goose Graphics started as an outlet for my bird drawings on Etsy and grew into a small graphic design shop where I work on a little bit of everything. My architectural background and propensity to just "make it myself"  inform a lot of what I do. If you are looking for beautiful design that combines unique hand-drawn elements with a polished and professional look and feel, then we should definitely get a coffee.

Good Goose Graphics was born from my bird drawings, and creating artwork is still an important part of what I do. I use a variety of media to create drawings of the birds I encounter in the streets and parks of Northern Virginia. Some drawings are extremely detailed studies of a particular species, while others are more playful experiments with color and style. You can find me and my birds at art and craft shows around the area.

I love birds and truly cherish the natural world. I’m a member of both the Audubon Society and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. I volunteer with my local Audubon chapter, helping with their website and communications. 

My shop is named after my dog, Bella “Goose” Michetti. Rather than “good dog,” she’s always been “good goose” for reasons that I can’t really remember or explain. I tried to get some reasonable photos of us for this page, but instead decided to celebrate that fact that I couldn't really get her to cooperate.

Photos by me, with very little help from Bella

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